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From: "Keith Gottwald and Family" 
Subject: b/blink_182/
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:27:57 -0600

here is tab for What's my age again, blinks new song
i did it last night
i have a few other blink songs, i probably send them soon

			    WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN?- Blink 182

tabbed by GOON (


F# C# D# B =20|--------------||--------------||----6--8--4---||-4--6--8--4---||-4--4--6--2---||-2------------|
LEAD RIFF=20|----------------------------------------------||------11----------11---------11---------11----||---11----11----11----11---11----11---11----11-||-9--------------------------------------------||------------11--------------------------------||------------------------9---------11----------|
BASS RIFF=20|--------------||--------------||-222---444666-||----444-------|
CHROUS #2|-----------------||-----------------||----66--8888-666-||-4--66--8888-666-||-4--44--6666-444-||-2---------------|
MUTED RIFF|--------------||--------------||-444---66688--||-44466666688--||-22266644466--||----444-------|
SOLO RIFF #1|--------------------||---11-----11--------||------11-----11-----||-9----------------9-||--------------------||--------------------|
SOLO RIFF #2|---------||---------||---------||-----8H9-||-999-----||---------|
SOLO RIFF #3|--------------||--------------||-------11-----||---8------8H9-||-9---9--------||--------------|
ORDER LEAD RIFF 2 THEN BASS JOINS WITH THE BASS RIFF FOR 2 MORE THEN SING FOR 4 MORE RIFFS THEN I THINK YOU HOLD THE NOTES FOR THE TRANISITION INTO=20 CHORUS RIFF *3 CHORUS RIFF #2 LEAD RIFF MUTED RIFF WITH VERSE *4=20 SOLO RIFF #1 *4 SOLO RIFF #2 *8 SOLO RIFF #3 *8=20 CHORUS RIFF * 3 CHORUS RIFF #2 CHORUS RIFF * 3 CHORUS RIFF #2 CHORUS RIFF * 3 CHORUS RIFF #2 This is off of Enema of the State but I only heard this from the OFFSHORE 99 thing=20 (, and that other little clip So if it's screwed up i hope that is why I don't know the words but i think this is pretty close to what they = play i can't wait for this cd thanks to the blink newsgroup and of course BLINK
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