Blink 182 - Does My Breath Smell chords

Blink 182
Does My Breath Smell?
Cheshire Cat
1994 Grilled Cheese Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -   x32010
G -   320003
F -   133211
G/B - x2x003
Am -  x02210

C G/B Who makes up all the rules
F G/Babout those girls I want?
C G/B Who tells them all to
Flaugh? Who tells them
G Call to talk about me?
And I'm not sure what my
G/B F G/Bpurpose is for being here
C G/B Why do they why do they
F Always kick me in
G/B(hold)the groin when I come near
(And I'm not complaining it just hurts after a bit) Beat Changes: C--F--C--G-- x2 Verse 1:
C G/B I don't know what I'm feeling
F G/B I'm just so sick of seeing
C G/B All those dumb lame
F G/Band retarded broads
C G/B Who often just sit kick back
F G/B As I am not so relaxed
C G/B I often wonder
F G/Bwhy they act so odd
FBecause no worse a time
GWhen it's just your time to
C Am Think you should make your move
FIt doesn't work cause you're
Gjust a jerk with no excuse
Interlude: C--F--C--G-- x2 Verse 2:
C G/B What about that situation
F G/B All night procrastination
C G/B Take her to the point when
F G/Byou lead her to her door
C There is nothing
G/Bleft there to say
F G/B I guess you best
Cbe on your way
G/BBut before you go you've
F G/Bgot to do that chore
(Repeat Chorus) Drum Solo Interlude: C--F--G--F-- x2 Bridge:
C F Please won't you buy
Gin I'm always trying
FI keep on trying
C There's only so much
F G Fpride that I can lose
C F I hope that when you see me
GYou see right through me
FCome on now honestly
C F I'm so sick of ending
G Fup without a clue
Outro: C--F--C--G-- x2 C(hold)
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