Blink 182 - Im Lost Without You chords

This is the PROPER WAY to play this song!!!

Tuning: Standard

Key: A

Intro: A-E-F#m-E

Verse 1:
A EI swear that I can
F#m Ego on forever again
APlease let me
Eknow that my one
F#m Ebad day will end
F#m EI will go down as
A Bmyour lover your friend
F#m EGive me your lips
Aand with one kiss,
Bm(hold)we begin
A E Are you afraid of being alone?
F#m ECoz I am, I am lost without you
A E Are you afraid of leaving tonight?
F#m ECoz I am, I'm lost without you
Verse 2:
F#m EI'll leave my room open
A Bmtill sunrise for you
F#m EI'll keep my eyes
A Bmpatiently focused on you
F#m EWhere are you now I can hear
A Bmfootsteps I'm dreaming
F#m EAnd if you will
Akeep from waking
Bmto believe this
(Repeat Chorus)
Interlude: Chorus chordsA--E--F#m--E x2
(Repeat Chorus twice)
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