Blink 182 – First Day tab

                         THE FUTUREHEADS First Day

Tuning- standard

C# A B Ee|------------------------|b|------------------------|g|----11------------------| X4d|-11----7-9----9-11-14-14|a|------------------------|e|------------------------|
Verse C# A B C# C# B Welcome to your new job, hope you have a wonderful first day C# C# B C# C# B We are so happy to help you join the team you are so lucky on your first day Chorus E C# B E C# B This is the job that people die for, i hope your ready for the next stage E C# B E C# B A lot of people work in the same place, don't let them get in your way. Verse - (repeat C# and B chords throughout, as feels appropriate) Tea time you go to the canteen, you make the most out of your dinner break, you like to talk when you're eating,don't have to listen to what they say. And they say like it or not, you have to do what they say, and if theres something that you would like to talk about, it is only your first day. Chorus After that things get a bit confusing with people singing different things at different times, but if you listen to the song you can probably work it out.
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