Blink 182 – The Rock Show tab ver. 4

Tuning : E A D G B E

# chords # | A5 | D5 | E5 | F#5 |e-|-----|-----|-----|-----|B-|-----|-----|-----|-----|G-|-----|--7--|--9--|-----|D-|--7--|--7--|--9--|--4--|A-|--7--|--5--|--7--|--4--|E-|--5--|-----|-----|--2--|
# INTRO # *=play X16 palm-muted (the intro is 2 guitars, one playing A5 D5 E5 the otherplaying that riff below) |> X2 <| | A5 D5 E5 |e-|---------------------------------------------|------|B-|---------------------------------------------|------|G-|---------------------------------------------|---*--|D-|-------2----0--------------2----0-----2---2--|--7---|A-|--0--------------4----0-------------4---4----|--7---|E-|---------------------------------------------|--5---|
# VERSE # !palm-mute when neccesary! A5 Hanging out behind the club at the weekend D5 E5 Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends A5 I could wait for the summer at the Warped tour D5 E5 I remember, it's the first time that i saw her there >PLAY INTRO> # VERSE 2 # !no guitar, notes played by bass! A She's getting kicked out of school 'cause she's failing D E I'm kinda nervous 'cause i think all her friends hate me A She's the one, she'll always be there D E She took my hand and i made it i swear # CHORUS # !palm-mute when neccesary! A5 F#5 D5 'cause i fell in love with a girl at the rock show A5 F#5 D5 She said what and i told her that i didn't know A5 F#5 D5 She's so cool better sneak in through the window E5 D5 Everything's better when she's around E5 D5 Can't wait 'til her parents go out of town E5 D5 C#5 I fell in love with a girl at the rock show >PLAY INTRO> # verse3 # !palm-mute when neccesary! A5 When we said we were gonna move to vegas D5 E5 I remember the look her mother gave us A5 Seventeen without a purpose or direction D5 E5 We don't owe anyone a fucking explanation >PLAY CHORUS>
# BRIDGE # X3 or X4e-|-------------------|B-|--2---2---2---3----|G-|----2---2---2---2--|D-|-------------------|A-|-------------------|E-|-------------------|
F#5 D5 And if i ever got another chance A5 I'd still ask her to dance E5 D5 Because she kept me waiting >PLAY CHORUS> >PLAY INTRO>
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