Blink 182 - Everytime I Look For You chords version 1

B5Never found out why you left him
C#5But this answer begs that question.
G#5Too blind to see tomorrow,
E5Too broke to beg or borrow
B5Young and stupid
C#5(Left wide open)
G#5Hearts are wasted
E5(Lives are broken)
One more point of contention, I need some intervention Approached with vague intentions Betray my short attention- Span the distance (Bridge the border) Beg forgiveness ('Round the corner)
B5 E5 B5Every time I look for you, the sun goes down
B5 E5 B5And I stumble when this whole thing runs aground
B5 E5 B5I left another message; you are never around
B5 E5 B5 C#5 But every time I look for you, the sun goes down once more
G#5 E5Will the last one out please shut the door?
.... That's about it, if you wanna play the chords. Lucas
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