Blink 182 - Life Is So Boring tab

Blink 182, Life's so Boring.
 Tabbed by Ryan, Blink180tw.
Intro 8xE|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|-----5---5--|A|-3-3---3----|E|------------|
Chords 4xE|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|-----------3----4---|D|-4----6----3----4---|A|-4----6----1----2---|E|-2----4-------------|
Intro 8xChords 2xRiff 8xE|--------------|B|---3---3-1-0--|G|-0---0--------|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
Intro 10x Chords 2x Riff 8x
Intro 16x
This is a unrealeased instrumental song. Its a cool song. Listen to it to know when to play. :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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