Blink 182 – Natives chords ver. 2

Blink 182
2011 Geffen Records
Submitted by:

Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G#m     466444
E       022100
B       x24442
F#      244322
C#m     x46654
F#/Bb   x143xx


Tom's Very fast guitar tapping
like he did on Ava's Young London!!!

G#m  E   x2, B  C#m  G#m  E  

Verse 1:

G#m I'm like a cat in a cage locked
F#/Bbup and battered and bruised
E I am the prodigal son
a shameful prodigy too
G#m I am the love of your life
F#/Bbbattering ram and confused
E I turn each day into night
I stand there waiting for you
G#m There is desire to fight but
F#/BbI have nothing to prove
E With the crowd and some lights
I start to feel things move
G#m Do you have something to hide?
F#/BbCause I think that we all do
E I am a child inside back up
and give me some room Chorus: Mark:
B I'm just a bastard child
don't let it go to your head
E I'm just a waste of your time
maybe I'm better off dead
B They turn us loose in the night
a fucking Jekyll and Hyde
E We'll have the time of our lives
although we're dying inside
G#m So let me go ghost
So let me go go
E Just let me go go
I'd rather go it alone
B So let me go ghost
So let me go ghost
E Just let me go go
I'm never coming home Post Chorus: Tom's Guitar Tapping again B C#m G#m E Verse 2: Tom:
G#m Don't start to panic for me
F#/Bbcause I have nothing to lose
E I am as bright as the sun
I burn up all that I choose
G#m Up on the side of the field
F#/BbI see a city with lights
E I touch her face when I kneel
she tells me she's not alive
G#m I am too nervous to run
F#/Bbthe kids who scatter and hide
E Still reach and grab for
someone but end up buried alive
G#m Her world is waiting for me
F#/Bba world that I rarely used
E I start to feel my feet
they kick down walls as they move (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: B E x3, G#m E E(hold) (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Tom's tapping B E x2 then G#m E(hold)
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