Blink 182 – A Letter To Elise Live chords

Blink 182
A Letter To Elise (The Cure Cover)
MTV Icon The Cure
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A      x02220
E/G#   476xxx
F#m    244222
D      xx0232
E      022100
Bm     x24432
C#m    x46654
G      320033

Intro: A  E/G#  F#m  D   x2

Verse 1:
AOh Elise it doesn't
E/G#matter what you say
I just can't stay
F#mhere every yesterday
Like keep on
Dacting out the same
The way we act out
AEvery way to smile
E/G#Forget And make believe
we never needed
F#mAny more than this
DAny more than this
Interlude: A E F#m D Verse 2:
AOh Elise it doesn't
E/G#matter what you do
I know I'll never
F#mreally get inside of you
DTo make your eyes catch fire
The way they should
AThe way the blue
could pull me in
E/G#If they only would
If they only would
F#mAt least I'd lose this
sense of sensing
Dsomething else
That hides away
ABut you and me
There're worlds to part
E/G#With aching looks
and breaking hearts
F#mAnd all your prayers
hands can make
DAnd Oh I just take as much
as you can throw
A E/G# And then throw it all away
F#mOh I throw it all away
DLike throwing faces at the sky
Like throwing arms around Chorus:
I stood and stared
F#mWide eyed in front of you
EAnd the face I saw looked back
F#mThe way I wanted to
EBut I just can't
hold my tears away
F#mThe way you do
G F#mElise believe I never wanted this
GI thought this time I'd
F#mkeep all of my promises
GI thought you were the girl
F#mI always dreamed about
GBut I let the dream go
F#mAnd the promises broke
BmAnd the make believe ran out
Interlude: E F#m x2, A Bm E C#m Silence: A E/G# F#m D Distortion: A E F#m D (Repeat Verse 1) Outro:
AAnd every time I try
E/G#to pick it up
Like falling sand
F#mAs fast as I pick it up
DIt runs away through
my clutching hands
ABut there's nothing
else I can really do
E/G#There's nothing else
I can really do
F#mThere's nothing else
D(hold)I can really do At all
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