Blink 182 – When You Fucked Grandpa chords

When You Fucked Grandpa

Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D - xx0232
A - x02220
G - 320033

Uno dos
tres quatros


Verse 1:
DWhen you fucked grandpa
Did he tell you
G Athat he loved you?
DDid he hold you until
the sun did rise
GAnd did he look
Ainto your eyes
DAnd ask you to
fellate him
GAnd stick a finger
Aor two in his ass
GHe seems like
Aa total asshole
G AGrandpa is a total
fucking asshole
GWho would ever want
Aa dirty greasy
finger in his ass? (hold) He rubs his dick in broken glass (Repeat Intro twice) Verse 2: When you fucked
Did he kiss you
G Asoft and tender?
DDid he tie your hands
behind your head
GAnd was it on your
Amother's bed? And
(Repeat Chorus) Mark Speaks while singing Chorus This is fucking stupid man I can't believe you'd have sex with your own grandfather I mean you guys are related! What's he gonna do take out his teeth and just lay them on the side of the bed? Man you like to fuck him in the butt and have everyone come in and watch and masturbate And cum all over the place this is stupid I hate you all I'm not even going to have sex with my mom tonight man this is stupid!
A(hold) I hate you!
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