Blink 182 – Adams Song chords ver. 2

Adam's Song

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -  x32010
Dm - xx0231
Am - x02210
G -  320033
F -  133211

Intro: Am--G--F--Dm-F- x2

Verse 1:
C I never thought
F I'd die alone
Am F I laughed the loudest
who'd have known?
C F I traced the cord
back to the wall
Am F No wonder it was never
plugged in at all
C I took my time
F I hurried up
Am F The choice was mine
I didn't think enough
C I'm too depressed
F Am to go on You'll
Fbe sorry when
C Dm Am F C Dm Am FI'm gone
Refrain 1:
C Dm I never conquered
Amrarely came
FSixteen just held
such better days
C Dm Days when I still
Amfelt alive
FWe couldn't wait
to get out.. Chorus 1:
C...side The world was
Dm Amwide too late to try
FThe tour was over
Cwe'd survived
DmI couldn't wait
Amtill I got home
FTo pass the time
in my room alone (Repeat Intro) Verse 2:
C F I never thought
AmI'd die alone
FAnother six months
I'll be unknown
C F Give all my things
Amto all my friends
FYou'll never step foot
in my room again
C You'll close it
F Amoff board it up
FRemember the time that
I spilled the cup
C F Of apple juice
Amin the hall
FPlease tell mom this
C Dm Am F C Dm
Fis not her fault
(Repeat Refrain 1) (Repeat Chorus 1)
Interlude: C--F--G--F--C--F--G-Am-F-- x2C--F x3, G--Am-F
Refrain 2:
C Dm I never conquered
Amrarely came
FBut tomorrow holds
such better days
C Dm Days when I can
Amstill feel alive
When I can't
Fwait to get out...
Chorus 2:
C...side The world is
Dm Amwide the time goes by
FThe tour is over
CI've survived
DmI can't wait
Amtill I get home
FTo pass the time
C(hold)in my room alone
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