Aliens Exist chords with lyrics by Blink 182 - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Blink 182 – Aliens Exist chords

Aliens Exist

Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -     x24442
F# -    244322
G#m -   466444
E -     022100 or 079900
C#m -   x46654
Ebm -   x68876
F#/Bb - x143xx

Intro: B

Verse 1:
B F# Abm EHey mom, there's something in the back room
B F# Abm EHope it's not the creatures from above
B C#mYou used to read me stories
Ebm EAs if my dreams were boring
B F# Abm EWe all know conspiracies are dumb
Interlude: B-E-Abm-E x2 Verse 2:
B F# Abm EWhat if people knew that these were real?
B F# Abm EI'd leave my closet door open all night
B C#mI know the CIA would say
Ebm EWhat you hear is all hearsay
B F# Abm EWish someone would tell me what was right
B F#Up all night long
B F#And there's something very wrong
Abm EAnd I know it must be late
Abm EBeen gone since yesterday
F# E BI'm not like you guys
F# EI'm not like you
Interlude: B-E-Abm-E x2 Verse 3:
B F# Abm EI am still as skeptic, yes you know me
B F# Abm EBeen best friends and will be till we die
B C#mI got an injection
Ebm EA fear from the abduction
B F# AbmMy best friend thinks I'm just telling lies
E Alright
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: G#m--F#--E--B-F#/Bb x2 Bridge:
Abm F#Dark and scary ordinary
E B F#/Bbexplanation information
Abm F#Nice to know ya paranoia
E B F#Wheres my mother bio-father
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
F# E BTwelve majestic lies
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