Blink 182 – Dancing With Myself tab ver. 2

                             Dancing With Myself - blink-182
Tabbed by: slarbiter

There arent any tabs that include the full song or even make sense that ive seen(no offense)
so i decided to tab out the whole song myself lol enjoy.

">" means the notes played more than once and the "." means the notes are palm muted.

Tuning: Standard

Intro:e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|----5>-4-5-7-5>----|D|-------------------| Repeat until vocals come in or have a guitar 2 play it during the verseA|-------------------| while guitar 1 palm mutes x355xxx throughout the intro.E|-------------------|
Verse:e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|---5-5>----------------------------------|D|---5-5>----3-3>----5-5>----3-3>----------|A|---3-3>----3-3>----5-5>----3-3>----------|E|-----------1-1>----3-3>----1-1>----------| . . . .
Chorus: "Ill be dancing with myself"e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|---5-5>----------------------------------|D|---5-5>----3-3>----5-5>----3-3>----------| yes the palm muting is reversedA|---3-3>----3-3>----5-5>----3-3>----------|E|-----------1-1>----3-3>----1-1>----------| . . . .
Repeat the verse and chorus
Interlude to the solo: "Woah oh oh ohhh"e|------------------|B|------------------|G|---5-5>-----------|D|---5-5>----3-3>---| Play it 3 times and the last time replaceA|---3-3>----3-3>---| the 133xxx chord with 355xxx.E|-----------1-1>---| . .
Solo: This is the CORRECT way this it should sounde|-------------------------|B|---------------8888------|G|-------55557777----------|D|---5555------------------| Play it 7 times then end it with 8> on the B stringA|-------------------------|E|-------------------------| ................
Repeat the verse and chorus then interlude once more then that should be it, comment and rate :D
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