Blink – Carousel tab ver. 3

Title: Carousel
Album: Tala
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: edgieordoñoguray
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School: Arellano University – Pasig City
Date/Time: Sunday, August 17, 2008, 12:21 P.M.  kakatapos ng removal exam sa
					          course audit1!!

		*franz arabit, Paulo nuguid, ariel delos reyes, ramil abolencia,
		 moni monina!!ramil pakamdam ka naman!!
		 Isa sama na rin natin si ka igme kawawa naman nagpaiwan sa bulacan!!

		*eyaf amil nasaan ka sabi ng pupil!!

FM7	003211
G	230003
Am	002213

*para sa strumming at timing listen the song

FM7 G Am 2x

(tapos biglang pasok nito)e||---------------------------------------------|B||---------------------------------------------|G||---------------------------------------------|D||----7--5-5--7--5--5--------------------------|A||-----------------7---7-5-7-5---3-5-3---------|E||-------------------------------------5-------|
FM7 G Am 4x Verse I FM7 G Am Hey, I thought of you today FM7 I thought that I should tell you G Am How much I miss you FM7 Remember what you used to say G Am FM7 Am Friends forever, I hope that we'll remain this way... oh... Chorus FM7 G Am FM7 All this time, I’ve been thinking ‘bout the way we used to play / the promises we made... G Am FM7 You're everywhere I go I can't escape you, G Am When I close my eyes I see you FM7 G Am Even in my sleep I dream of you... Oh... I miss you... Verse II Can we put the blame on the changing times? Where have all the years gone by? So fast, so young, So sure that this will never end I'll always stand by you, my friend But forever was just too long... Repeat Chorus:
Instrumental:Guitar1: FM7 G Am 4xGuitar2:e||---5~---7-8-7---5-5~-----------------------------------------|B||-------------5-5----8-8-6-6-6-5-5-5-3-3-3-5-6-55/8-8~--------|G||-------------------------------------------------------------|D||-------------------------------------------------------------|A||-------------------------------------------------------------|E||-------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat Chorus: 2x -end-
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