Blitzen Trapper – Destroyer Of The Void tab

Song: Destroyer of the Void
Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Album: "Destroyer of the Void" [2010]

Tab by Devin Miller

Tuning: Standard EADGBe


| PART 1 "The wayward Son" | |----------------------------|
Chord reference:
G C D Am Bb A F B7 E F#7 B F#e|--3---0---2---0-----------1---2---0-----------2--|B|--0---1---3---1---3---2---1---0---0---2---4---2--|G|--0---0---2---2---3---2---2---2---1---3---4---3--|D|--0---2---0---2---3---2---3---1---2---x---4---4--|A|--2---3-------0---1---0---3---2---2---1---2---4--|E|--3-----------------------1-------0---2-------2--|
Here's to the lone and wayward son! G C For to love is to live, for to roll like a rolling stone D Am G C I fell in with men who were wicked in the end Bb A F C As we roll, by and by, so these crimes multiply B7 E Yeahhhhhhhh Am D See this wayward son, boy G F#7 B A Will you live to run another dayyyyyyy E C G F# Dark is the heart and dreams will come Bm D A G C To the swift and the dead, to the poor and the wayward son D Am G C My love can't you see, just what's happening to me Bb A F C All I touch turns to sand slipping down through my hand B7 E Yeahhhhhhhh |-----------------------------|
| PART 2 "Bird of the Void" | |-----------------------------|
Chord reference:
E C#m F#m Faug Am C G F#7 Bm D F Be|--0---4---2---2---0---0---3-------2---2---1---2-|B|--0---5---2---2---1---1---0---2---3---3---1---4-|G|--1---6---2---2---2---0---0---3---4---2---2---4-|D|--2---6---4---3---2---2---0---x---4---0---3---4-|A|--2---4---4---4---0---3---2---1---2-------3---2-|E|--0-----------------------3---2-----------1-----|
E C#m I can see the future in your eyes F#m Shining like a million skies Faug Am C G Overall, overall, my petty crimes, I perpetrate F#7 I know you should hate me Bm C G But you celebrate me everytime I'm on your side D My eyes open wide C G D You just wing it like a bird, out over the void C G F C And all my petty crimes and curses, they are destroyed --- E C#m F#m Faug Am C G F#7 I know you should hate me Bm C G But you elevate me up into the stratosphere D C G I no longer care that I am terrified, alright D Yeah, but you are the cure C G F C 'Cuz all my petty crimes and curses, they disappear --- B -----> E C#m I can feel the future in your skin F#m Catch the spirits as they spin Faug Am C G All around, all around, my petty crimes, I perpetrate F#7 I know you should hate me Bm C G But you rearrange me comin' off the starting line D A hammer at wild C G D But you just wing it like a bird, out over the void C G F C And all my petty crimes and curses, they are destroyed --- B -----> |----------------------------------|
| PART 3 "The Serpent is Rising" | |----------------------------------|
Chord reference:
Bm G F C D A Bb G# D# F# Ee|--2---3---1---0---2-------6---4-------2---0---|B|--3---3---1---1---3---2---6---4-------2---0---|G|--4---4---2---0---2---2---7---5---8---3---1---|D|--4---5---3---2---0---2---8---6---8---4---2---|A|--2---5---3---3-------0---8---6---6---4---2---|E|------3---1---3-----------6---4-------2---0---|
Bm G Now a serpent spoke to me F C D (see tab A below lyrics) He was hanging from a pale and nameless tree A D A On the blade, where the guys are all insane C Bb His voice was like the wind that blows G# D# Bb A thousand crows all rising into flight G# F# E D Upon the night, alright Woah, look out! ---> (see Tab B for solo and rhythm guitars) --- Bm G So I left him in his tree F C D A Score some horses, took the road that runs in circles to the sea D A But the snake he followed me C Bb So I hopped a ship, a silver seed G# D# Past galaxies and stars with speed Bb G# F# E To end this planet's world's a... void (sorry, hard to determine lyrics here) **tab A:
**tab B (rhythm chords written above solo):
B E A D B E A De|-------------------------------|-------------7b---7-4---4-------|B|-------------7b---7-4----------|----------------------7---7b-4~~|G|-6br--4---4-----------6b-4---4-|-6br--4---4---------------------|D|--------6------------------6---|--------6-----------------------|A|-------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|--------------------------------| x2
A Ee|-------------------------|B|--------8br---------8br--|G|-7b9~~~~5br---------5br--|D|-5b7~~~~----7b9~~~~------|A|------------5b7~~~~------|E|-------------------------| x3
| PART 4 "Epilogue" | |---------------------|
Chord reference:
E C G F# Bm D A Am G#m6 F B7 F#/D F#7 Be|--0---0---3---2---2---2---0---0--------1---2----2-------2---|B|--0---1---0---2---3---3---2---1---6----1---0----3---2---4---|G|--1---0---0---3---4---2---2---2---4----2---2----2---3---4---|D|--2---2---0---4---4---0---2---2---3----3---1----0---x---4---|A|--2---3---2---4---2-------0---0---x----3---2----x---1---2---|E|--0---3---3---2-------------------4----1--------2---2-------|
E C G F# Where will you go, when our love's gone? Bm D A G C When this world of ours is nothing more than a long lost song D Am G C This road that we run, is it where we both belong? G#m6 A F C As the years disappear, will you wait for me here? B7 E F#/D Am D See this wayward son, boy G F#7 F# B A E Will you live to run another dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ============================================================================ LEGEND: | b bend up | br bend then release | ~ vibrato | x dead note ============================================================================
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