Blitzen Trapper – The Tailor tab

Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Album: "Destroyer of the Void" [2010]

Tab by Devin Miller

Tuning: Standard EADGBe



G Bb C Dm F Gme|--3-------0---1---1---3---|B|--3---3---1---3---1---3---|G|--0---3---0---2---2---3---|D|--0---3---2---0---3---5---|A|--2---1---3-------3---5---|E|--3-------3-------1---3---|
G --- G I'm a long way from my home Bb C Dm I was borne on the raging sea F Bb C F And when I first struck land, with my head in hand Dm F C I built a house out of an old oak tree Dm F C Gm And raised a family out of earth and electricity --- G And I was king of my domain Bb C Dm But my fortitude approved in vain F Bb C F And when the locust came like a summer rain Dm F C Devouring everything that I held dear Dm F C And all I'd worked for simply disappeared F Bb C F So I crept away, for I had debts to pay Dm F C And joined the army as a privateer Dm F C Gm Yeah, it was then, the wind had whispered, but I would not hear --- Acoustic guitar solo (chords written above the bar):
G Gme|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|-8----------------|B|-------------5-7s|10-7s5-----------|-----------6-8s10-|---10s8-6---------|G|-----0---4-7-----|-------7-4p0-----|-----0---5--------|----------7p0-----|D|-0h5---5---------|-------------4---|-0h5---5----------|--------------7---|A|-----------------|---------------5-|------------------|------------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------------|
Fe|--------------8-10s|13-10s8------------|B|-------6-8s10------|--------10-8-6-----|G|-----7-------------|---------------7-5-|D|-5h7---------------|-------------------|A|-------------------|-------------------|E|-------------------|-------------------| --> repeat solo twice.
--- G So we sailed out across the land Bb C Dm Through an ocean made of sinking sand F Bb C F And though I lost my men, I was born again Dm F C As a tailor in an unknown land F Dm C With a needle and some thread in hand F Bb C F Mending suits and slacks, stitching up the cracks Dm F C In the backs of my neighbour's heads Dm F C Gm And soon the word, yeah, of my work had spread through the town --- INTERLUDE
ACOUSTIC GUITAR: Gm Dm Am F Ce|---0-----0---------1-----1-------|---0-----0---------0-------0-----|B|-----3-----3---------3-----3-----|-----1-----1---------3-------3---|G|-------3-----3---------2-----2---|-------2-----2---------2-------2-|D|-----------------0-------------0-|-----------------3---------------|A|---------------------------------|-0-------------0---------3-------|E|-3-------------3-----------------|---------------------------------|
--- G So before the king I stood Bb C Dm I said, I come from the raging sea F Bb C F And let the truth be told, I am not so old Dm F C As you might first have taken me to be F Dm C For numbers never could apply to me F Bb C F For I'm as old as time, and maybe half as blind Dm F C What some of you might call infinity Dm F C Gm Yeah, I'm the tailor of the earth and electricity --- **Repeat acoustic guitar solo --- End with this solo (time signature changes to 7/8)
e|---------------|----------------|B|-------------5-|-7s10-7s5-------|G|-----0---4-7---|----------7-4p0-|D|-0h5---5-------|----------------|A|---------------|----------------|E|---------------|----------------| --> fade out
========================================================================= NOTATION LEGEND: | s slide | h hammer-on | p pull-off =========================================================================
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