Blitzkid - Mary And The Storm tab

Mary And The Storm By Blitzkid
Standard Tuning EADGBe
Tabbed By "The Muddman" Jovan Sanchez

Dude, this is such a kickbutt song,its one of my favorites
and its super easy, the hardest part of this song is the intro,
hope u guys like the tab,... also i want to give some credit to 
"Sashki" i got most of the intro from him exept the very end,
i would have done my own thing but his already sounded nearly perfect


|--------------------------------------------| -||------------4--------------------4----------| ||------6--------6-----6-----6--------6-----6-| ||---------6--------6-----------6--------6----| | |---4----------------------------------------| | |------------------------4-------------------| |
|--x4|--------------------------------------------| | |------------6--------6h7--6-----------------| | |------6--------6-------------6--------------| | |---------6--------6-------------6-----------| | |--------------------------------------------| | |---6----------------------------------------| -|
|--------------------------------------------| -||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||---6--66-66---------------------------------| |*lyrics come|---4--44-44--6--66--66--8--88--88-----------| | in at x4*|-------------4--44--44--6--66--66-----------| |
|--x8|--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||---8s9--99s8--88----------------------------| ||---6----66----66----------------------------| -|
"come mary come and watch the storm, mothers fears are tired sleepers beyond her silent windowsill, fathers peerings eyes now fade with weight, well run like silent phantoms free untill the dawn" VERSE
"were intwined in midnights embrace your house, a purple prison so far away,ill hide our games in the tree tops,and sleeping phantoms we will chase" Chorus x4, "come mary come and watch the storm, mothers candle has exahsted shes dreaming of your birth, fathers clever watch is laid to sleep, downstairs ill wait for you beyond the boards that creek" then play the beginig of the verse the same until u get to the 1's and 3's
2nd Part of 2nd Verse goes like this|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||---33--333--333--333------------------------||---11--111--111--111--6---------------------||----------------------4---------------------|basically the only difference is how u play them
"Were intwined in midnights embrace,your house a purple ruin so far away, ill hide our games in the tree tops and sleeping phantoms we will chase" BRIDGE
|--------------------------------------------|x8|--------------------------------------------||-------------------------6--666666666666----||---4--44--44-------------4--444444444444----||---2--22--22--4--44--44---------------------||--------------2--22--22---------------------| "Mothers will is far away, father fists are far away, we set the horses loose tonight, unbridled freedom blessed night"
|--------------------------------------------| -||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||---4--3--4-------------*HUGE gap here dosnt-| ||---2--1--2--4--6--6----represent pause -----| ||------------2--4--8----in song*-------------| |
|--x4 |--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------------------------| ||---11-11111111111111111111111---------------| ||---9--9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9---------------| -| "unbridled freedom blessed night"
OUTRO Just play the Intro riff x4 "come mary, come and watch the storm come mary, come and watch the storm with me tonight" *during the final outro riff there are some notes that are played differently from the intro at the end, i dont have those notes yet but its not a huge deal it sounds good without them 2, its only if u want 2 be like 110% perfect thats when its a big deal thats about it hope u guys like this one,its my first tab so yeah, please comment n' stuff... later
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