Blitzkid - Slaughter At The Sock Hop tab

Slaughter @ the Sock Hop By Blitzkid (2004)
Trace of A Stranger

All basses and guitars tuned half-step down.  All chords used
are power chords (e.g., C# is -x-4-6-6-x-x-) unless otherwise
indicated.  These fan-authored transcriptions offer the basic
chords and structure of the songs, and are not complete scores.
Although some transcriptions may not have distinct parts for
each instrument, all are written for both bass and guitar.]

E Flat Tuning

Intro and Verse

B    G A  X4 (Then Band Comes In)
B    G A  X4

D    G A  X8
B    G A  X8
D    G A  X8
B    G A  X8

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