Blizzard – Aching Shadows tab

ACHING SHADOWS  (Agusto/Rathman)
Atoms in the Sun

VERSE:(clean w/ echo)

F#M                                  A            Asus4   A
I was born on the darkest day        The darkness is moving in
E                                                 F#m
My blood is the color of the darkest night        The darkness is moving in
F#m                                  A
My heart was made of the darkest stone            The darkness is moving in
E                                                 F#m
My life was never to shine again                  The darkness is moving in

Dmaj7                           Amaj7
Dmaj7                           Amaj7
Dmaj7                           C#m7
Bm7                             E

E    F#m                                       A
You tell me the truth only when you fear       You look so sad and down comes a tear
E                                              F#m
Im sick of the SHIT that you feed to me        Let go of my wings and let me be free
E                                              A        Asus4   A
I want to fly away from all this pain          Finally I figured out that you are my Bane
E                                              F#m
Save me from my Aching Shadows . . .           Save me from my Aching Shadows . . .

Dmaj7                           Amaj7
Dmaj                            Amaj7
Dmaj7                           C#m
Bm                                           Bm7         F

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