Bloc Party - Ares tab

This song is sick
This is the basis of what he plays,
i tabbed it from the performance on Later
so may be a bit different to the ablum version

Intro/Chorus - All Tremoloe|-----------------------------|B|-----/15151515---------------|G|-----------------------------|D|00000---------00000/12\\\\\\\|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
Every 4th timee|----------------------------------|B|---------------/15151515----------|G|----------------------------------|D|000000/12121212---------/12\\\\\\\|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Breakdown - Live, Russell plays these chords with whammy/effectse|5---3---3---5--|B|6---5---3---5--|G|7---5---4---5--|D|7---5---5---7--|A|5---3---5---7--|E|--------3---5--|
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