Bloc Party – So Here We Are tab

This is my first ever tab, so be nice with your comments!

Loved this song for ages, had a listen and worked out how easy it was to play. The main 
which repeats through the whole song is pretty simple, and its easier to play by 
the open D string to an open C#.
You can vary the main riff as much as you like, but stick to this consistent pattern

Tuning: EAC#GBe

e |--------------|B |--0----0--0---|G |----2-------2-|C#|--3-----------| x4A |--------------|E |--------------|
e |---------------|B |--2----2(p)0---|G |----2-------2--|C#|--0------------| x4A |---------------|E |---------------|
e |--0-----------|B |-------0--0---|G |----2-------2-|C#|--3-----------| x3A |--------------|E |--------------|
e |--5-5---4---3-|B |-------0--0---|G |----2-------2-|C#|--3-----------| x3A |--------------|E |--------------|
e |--0------------|B |--2----2(p)0---|G |----2-------2--|C#|--0------------| x2A |---------------|E |---------------|
e |--0------------|B |--2----2(p)0---|G |----2-------2--|C#|---------------| x2A |--2------------|E |---------------|
That's the basic song, if you want you can throw in a solo or something, I know there's good one near the end. I tabbed this mainly for beginning guitarists, like me. I've been playing for 2 months so and I got this in 2 hours. Happy playing!
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