Bloc Party - Storm And Stress tab

Tabbed by: Matty

Russell's part is made up of lots of different riffs. I have worked out all of them 
from one. The rest of it is pretty accurate though. I'm only tabbing russells parts because 
are pretty minimal.

Intro and Verse - Riff Onee|----------------------|-----------------------|B|----------------------|-----------------------|G|-13-13-------9-9-11-11|-13-13-------9-9-11-11-|D|-------11-11----------|-------11-11-----------|A|----------------------|-----------------------|E|----------------------|-----------------------|
Riff Two - "You drink to laugh"e|----------------|------------------|B|----------------|------------------|G|---------7-7-7-7|-6-6-6-6----------|D|-7-7-7-7--------|---------4-4-4-4--|A|----------------|------------------|E|----------------|------------------|
Riff Three is the one i haven't worked out yet, at the moment i just play riff two twice more.
Chorus - Riff 4e|------------------|------------------|------------|----------|B|------------------|------------------|------------|----------|G|---------9---11---|---------9---11---|-6----6-6-7-|-6\4-4\2--|D|-7---7-7----------|-7---7-7----------|------------|----------|A|------------------|------------------|------------|----------|E|------------------|------------------|------------|----------|
Riff 5 - "A new fight for a last right"
Algorithm Riff One X 24 Riff Two X 2 Riff Three (or Riff Two again) X 2 Riff One X 16 Riff Two x 2 Riff Three (or Riff Two again) X 2 Riff Four x 4 Riff One x 4 Riff Five x 8 Riff Four x 4 Riff One x 4 And that's it!!! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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