Bloc Party – Waiting For The 7 18 tab

Bloc Party - Waiting for the 7.18
 tabbed by - Alan Monaghan

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Effects: [not definately what is used, just what i use] Boss DS1 Distortion, Boss DD6
Delay, Boss DD3 Digital Delay, Zoom 606 Slow attack mode]


Guitar 1 - russell Using Slow attack mode.

Use slowest attack settings and let the notes ring in and ring out gently.
not sure if these are the right i got tho.

Pre chorus with delay and distortion [i use Boss DD3 at 800ms, Feedback pointing roughly "f" and Delay time roughly at "d" on the labels
Chorus guitar 1. Trem picking, clean tone with DD3 Delay settings as above.
e---------------|B---------------|G-10/5/3/2/5/12- trem pick each note in time and repeat as necessaryD---------------|A---------------|E---------------|
Chorus Guitar 2 - Kele - Also trem picking with DD3 Delay as above and DS1 Distortion
e----------------|B----------------|G-14\10/12/14/17- alter the 17 with a 15 as necessaryD----------------|A----------------|E----------------|
Then "lets drive to brighton on the weekend" section. Guitar 2 Chorus is played with this rhythm riff on top.
Bridge - There is another higher pitch section in the back but i cant hear it too well. Also using the delay and trem picking, clean tone. A bit of Wah might help get the effect if used gently.
Then Guitar 2 goes back into Chorus riff and guitar 1 again using DD3, trem picking and distortion..plays...
This is played in the background on the record versian. Altho live i think they leave it out?
e-------------0----|B---0---0---0------|G-0---0---0--------| using pure clean tone and maybe a bit of reverb.D------------------|A------------------|E------------------|
Then back into "Lets drive to brighton on the weekend" bit. then outro, played on top of guitar 2 chorus. Live kele uses the hold function on Boss so he can mess around with the delay time nob.
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