Bloc Party - We Were Lovers tab

Bloc Party - We Were Lovers

Intro & Verse:

Verse 2: (same as above but with an extra riff, not sure but might be something like this:)
Solo: (Tremolo Picking) E|-20-19-17-15-17-12-13-20-19-17-15-17-12-13-12-13-12-10-8-10-12-10-13-12-15-13-17-19-20-| i think there are two riffs in the verse but they are the same. one is played with picking and is not played through the whole song, the other is played with a keyboard. use effects (heavy distortion and delay) to get a similar sound. i'm sure that the solo and is right, the verse and intro is maybe played with a keyboard, just try and have fun ;)
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