Blondie - Presence Dear tab


Chords found by Jedi

Intro on A & D chords 

Was it destiny?
                   D        A
don't know yet

Was it just by chance?
                           D           B
Could this be kismet?
                          E                    B                     E             B
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear
                          D                                      A
Now I'm always touched by your presence dear
When we play at cards you use an extra sense
It's really not cheating, you know?
                                                     D                 B
You can read my hand I've got no defense
                                E               B                            E               B
When you send your messages, whispered loud and clear
                                           D            A             E
I'm always touched by your presence dear
                           A               E               A      F#
Floating pass the evidence of possibilities
                B                        F#         B
We could navigate together psychic frequencies

Guitar Solo using A & D Chords (on A play notes AAABC X 2 on D play DDDEF#
x 2 the alternate notes AB on A & DE on D) solo lasts for 11 bars 

E                  A                E            A
Coming into contact with outer entities
F#                   B                          F#            B
We could entertain each one with our theosophies
A                                                                 D              A
Stay awake at night and count your REM's
Ron when you're talking with your sly friends
B             E                 B        E
Levitating Gordon in your secret stratosphere
B               D                                    A
I still dislike your presence dear
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