Blood Divine - Mystica tab

                 Band: the Blood Divine
                 Album: Mystica
                 Song : Sensual Ecstasy

h = hammer on
~ = Pull string up
/ = slide

Intro : a bit synthesizer then....
Part (1)

Part (2)
|-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------||-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------||-------------|--------------|-----5h7~-----|-5h7-5/9h10h9~||----5h7~-----|-----5h7-5h7~-|--------------|--------------||--0----------|-7-0----------|-7-0------7-0-|--------------||-------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|repeat part (2) 2x
repeat part (1) 2x repeat part (2) till end of song Part (3) solo (2nd guitar)
Ending part (4)
Lyrics: Sensual Ecstasy Surrendering my laments I remember the deep inner strength in you I'm in sensual ecstasy So deep are these feelings born That they last forever As we made love in mist shrouded nights I vow I was in heaven with you I'm in sensual ecstasy So deep are these absolute feelings for you I'm deep into you, and we'll last forever Inside, my heart beats at one with yours In bliss recalled and so soon returned Are love's proud memories of you I'm in sensual ecstacy So deep are these deep rooted feelings of love love for you That they last forever So far now, my conscience has flown With your love, I'm never alone Far away from you, but I remember you Far away from you, but I still feel you The solo isn't so good, if you have better please send it me, the rest sounds ok 2 me. Adress:
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