Blood On The Dance Floor – Death To Your Heart tab

This is my first tab so I hope it's good. This was done by ear.

Intro:E--0~----3~-5~-7~- | A-----3~---------- |D----------------- | x2G----------------- |B----------------- |e----------------- |
Verse 1:*palm mute*E-0-----3--5--7-- |A-2--3--5--7--9-- |D-2--5--5--7--9-- | x4G----5----------- |B---------------- |e---------------- |
Chorus:E-0-----3--5--7-- |A-2--3--5--7--9-- |D-2--5--5--7--9-- | x4G----5----------- |B---------------- |e---------------- |
Verse 2: Same as Verse 1 Chorus
Bridge:*palm mute*E-0-----3--5--7-- |A-2--3--5--7--9-- |D-2--5--5--7--9-- | x2 (last one end on [577xxx]G----5----------- |B---------------- |e---------------- |
Chorus Intro I hope this tab helped you =) Tabbed by Lizzi Lizard <3
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