Blood On The Dance Floor – Scream For My Icecream chords

First tab... was Just playing along with the song on my acoustic and thought this 
sounded right.. Even though it's totally not a acoustic song XD

Capo 4

(Low) E- |-3-3-3-3-3-3-| Over and over again until the verse starts)
She's melting
She's melting

G DO! o! o! she licked me like I'm ice cream
EmDipper with my dipper
DWe be drinking up the liquor
GParty like lit's yo birthday
DShake it like an earthquake
EmMelting like an ice cream cone
DGoing for his danger zone (to the end of verse)
Chorus (Same thing)
GScream for my ice cream
DTell me all your dirty dreams
EmScream for my ice cream
DWell show me what's your fantasies
::For the bridge, I just played around with these three chords and occasionally threw in C.. I also used a bit of palm muting here and there but that's not really necessary to play the song.
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