Blood Or Whiskey – Sober Again tab

Verse:  1
G                      C
The usual morons were fighting outside that place
G                      D
Inside the posing was rife
G                    C 
I wasn't ready like you to accept them
    Em            D         G
As peers for the rest of my life

Verse: 2
G                          C
Poised for a picture that no one was taking
G                                D
You'd hang on their worlds as a rule
G                           C
I'd never bought that but still was afraid
        Em             D            G
To get caught on the wrong side of cool

G                  C
Time to go sober again
          G                    D
Same old faces and nothing is new
G                     C
Leaving today I'd no right to go say
       Em                 D       G
That I hate what they're doing to you

Verse: 3
The only one you'd ever wanted to be was yourself
But they had to have more
They told you to change what you thought to combine
With the image that most of them wore


Verse: 4
You said if I stayed I might win their approval
And that would mean so much to you
I'd say I'll be back but for now all I know
Is I need something different to do
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