Bloodhound Gang – Your Pretty When Im Drunk tab

"guitar" 1 plays this in the introand the outroe-----------------------------|B-8-8-8-8-6h8-6---------------|G---------------5-5-5-5-3h5-3-|D-----------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
"guitar" 2 plays this a coupleof times on outroe-----------7---------------|B-8-8-8-6h8---8-8-8-6h8-8p6-|G---------------------------|D---------------------------|A---------------------------|E---------------------------|
then does thise-----------7-|B-8-8-8-6h8---|a-ha a-haG-------------|D-------------|A-------------|E-------------|
thats it! really simple. if you have a question, need the lyrics, or want me to be your new stalker, email me at please rate, i'd do the same for you ug and me, hehe, that rhymes by the way, if you want any bloodhoundgang song or video, just tell me (see email above)
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