Blowing Trees – The Day The World Left Me tab

Tabbed by: Christian "C-love" Loveridge

Okay, so this is the basic chord structure for the song, very first tab, had this one 
a while, played around with it, but it doesn't sound completely right with the song. 
it works well enough on its own. Maybe someone will improve off this basic form.

This is the basic guitar, but there are two going at a time, so I'll try to figure that 
out and put it up asap.

Intro: Em, Am, D->sus, G

Looks like this:

This also makes up the chord structure of the verse. Em Am D G "I woke up, I found that time had flown, Em Am D G By the way I'm trying hard to comprehend your words, Em Am D G Soo lost without what I'm trying to be findin', simple, Em Am D G Days marked off the calendar hangin on my wall..." Pre-Chorus: C - Em reapeated until chorus C Em "I went outside, found the world that left me C Em In desperate hands, we found nothing C Em And we will lay, in such a hurry, C Em Now all is done, all is done without me..." Now, there's a little break in the re-done version before he starts the chorus, but it's a continuation of the C<->Em thing. This is also played through the whole chorus. C Em "The day the world left me C Em The day the world left me..." Re-Play Intro Second verse: Em Am D G G "You're sure of all that confuses you, Your shame out- Em Am -lawed to regret in your past mistakes D G Em Shadow my walks down memory lanes now, Am D G Keep on going, keep on going, keep on going on and on and on..." Repeat Pre-chorus + Chorus, no break in-between. Now, just repeat that beautiful riff from the first half of the song until the chorus back, and that's pretty much it! Just listen until you get a feel for the rhythm...It's very hard. I'll try to figure out the other guitar parts and post them up.
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