Blue Merle – Lucky To Know You tab

Lucky to Know You - Blue Merle

Tabbed by: Steven Wiercinski

This is strummed pretty much throughout the song

Verse=====----------------------------------------<12>---|-----------------------------------------------|-----<7>---------------------------------------|--------------------<7>------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|Friday morning all alone
--2---5----------|--3---3----------|--2---0----------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|One by one the stars have said goodbyeYeah pictures in a thousand words1000 miles turning in the sun
Chorus======--2---5---2---5--------------------------------|--3---3---3---0--------------------------------|--2---0---2---2--------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|And I want you to knowI feel lucky to know youGod open my heartAnd you see that it's true
I want yoy to know I feel lucky to know you I feel lucky to know you Sun faded into fall Winter came the writing on the wall So I sent a thousand letters off The backs of silver angels through the sky And I want you to know I feel lucky to know you God open my heart And you see that it's true I want yoy to know I feel lucky to know you I feel lucky to know you
Break===== FmaJ7---0------0-----0-----0--------------------------|---1------1-----1-----1--------------------------|---2------0-----0-----0--------------------------|---3------2-----1-----0--------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|
I took a drive it's what I do And wrote another song for you The things we want The things we crave We have no choice The choice is made Legend: ======= <5> Harmonics
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