Blue October – Calling You tab ver. 2

Hey... this is my 2nd tab for my favorite song Calling You and i spent a long
time on this song so I hope you enjoy... please comment...

  Dm  G  C  F  Am  Em
e 1   3  0  1  0   0
B 3   3  1  1  1   0
G 2   0  0  2  2   0
D 0   0  2  3  2   2
A     2  3  3  0   2
E     3     1      0

Verse 1 Dm~ G~ C~ F~There's something that I can't quiet explain.. I'm so in love with you - Dm~ G~You'll never take that away(then the acoustic riff starts and is played 2 times)e---------------------3-------3-------3-----------3-----------|B-------3-----------3-------3-------3---3---3---3---3-----3---|G-----0---0---0---2-------0-------2-------2---0---------0---0-|D---2-------2---3-------2-------0-----------------------------|A-3---------------------------------------------------2-------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
Strumming Pattern- D,U,D,DUDUDUDUD,U change Pre-Chorus F Dm Am Well expect me to be calling you to see if you're ok when I'm not around. G F Asking if you love me, I love the way you make it sound. Calling you to see Dm Am G I to I try to hard to make you smile, to make a smile. Chorus C F Dm Well I will keep calling you to see, If you're sleeping are you dreaming, G C F if you're dreaming are you dreaming of me. I can't believe you actually Dm G picked me. Verse 2 C F Dm I thought that the world had lost its sway (its so hard sometimes), then I G C F fell in love with you (then came you), and you took that away (its not so Dm C F difficult, the world is not so difficult). You take away the old, show me Dm G C the new, and I feel like I can fly when I stand next to you. So what if I'm F Dm G on this phone a hundred miles from home, I'll take the words you gave and send them back to you. Pre-Chorus Repeat Pre- Chorus just instead start it off like this... F Dm Am I only wanna see if you're ok when im not around..... Chorus Repeat Chorus Bridge The Bridge is just chords so play these chords with either the normal srumming pattern or by strumming straight down 8 times... Am, Dm, G, Em, Am, Dm, G, Em, G Chorus Repeat chorus 2 times Final Chorus Repeat chorus chords 3 times just sing Oh Whoa Oh Oh over them and fade out well thats all and i hope its correct and you like it... please comment if you have any comments...
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