Blue October - Jump Rope tab version 3

Hi this is my first tab but i think it sounds really good so here it comes..
I want to say that I actually just sum up the three other tabs; chords and add a little bit!

Actually there's only a beat and i think something like this (just background):

----------------|----------------| (play along..)----------------|----------------| in the beginning and then again in the chorus----3--3--3-----| but I'd play:----------------|
"Riff":--------------------------------|-------6--6---------6--6--6-----|------------5----------------5--| 2x--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
These two things play twice! Then just play the following chords:" Remember how you used to say.." F Am Dm C And for later: B
-------1--------0--------1--------0--------- ---------1----------|-------1--------1--------3--------1--------- ---------3----------|-------2--------2--------2--------0--------- ---------3----------|-------3--------2--------0--------2--------- ---------3----------|-------3--------0-------(0)-------3--------- ---------1----------|-------1-------------------------(0)-------- ---------1----------|
And the when he sings:" I wanna tell you that everything will be O.K. ..." Play like this F Dm C B B C Dm C Then just the 4 chords It ends with an F. So here I'd like to thank the ones that "actually created this^^ ": semicharmedlife, and Unregistered :D My idea was Just the Riff in the beginning. I think it's better to listen to the song before you try to play it. Hope you have fun!! _iROcK_
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