Blue October – The Chills chords

Blue October
The Chills
Any Man In America

C, Em, Am, F

CTake my hand
GMaybe we should run away
FMaybe we should disappear
AmLeave everything behind
Like the useless things Boxes labeled memories The sudden health emergencies Yeah we could leave those things behind
C GShow me, show me arms that reach for all we can be
FThrough understanding, I tried forgiveness,
GI faced the past, it’s what I witnessed
CWhy do I only feel the chills when I’m with you?
EmI only hear your words that you say are true
AmBut you keep thinking it over, thinking it over,
FYou can catch me if you wanted to, oh
Now, why you gotta say goodbye When you know you’re gonna come with me No, can’t afford to leave and stay You’re gonna have to just build one way So tell me, tell me all the things you told me we could be Through understanding, I tried forgiveness, I faced the past, it’s what I witnessed
ChorusI only feel the chills when I’m with youI feel like I’m so high, I’m feeling so highC-catch me, c-c-catch me
CWhy does a heart always have to break
Am(when you’re trying way too hard), have to break
F(yes she’ll see right though you), have to break
GOh communication, yeah conversation,
It breaks down
CNow there will be nothing to talk about,
(absolutely nothing, just blah blah blah) Chorus Questions? Email at
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