Blue October - Picking Up The Pieces chords version 1

Kind of tricky song, and this is my first be "gentle" I guess. The 
Prechorus is a little sketchy, but it's right with the music.

Capo on 1

INTRO - |: Bb-C :|

F CI really need to talk with you
DmI keep stepping on the vein
BbThat keeps my lifeline flowing through.
F CI wanna be your perfect stick of glue
DmBut I don't feel perfect at all,
A Sad and insecure flaw
F CI find it hard to hold conversation
Dm BbI get sweaty, sick, and I wanna walk away
F CIt's not you, this is strictly me in this situation
DmI'm wondering will it ever go away? Just go away...
BbSometimes I feel like weeping
AAwake and when I'm sleeping
Abm FPerfecting how to put a game face on
BbThis puzzle I've been keeping
AHas been in hiding creeping
Abm AOut the closet door, spilling out onto the floor;
F C Dm Bb F C Dm BbHow long will I be picking up the pieces?
F C Dm Bb ... CHow long will I be picking up my heart?
F CI'll be as honest as I feel
DmI'm getting more paranoid, and I'm hearing things
Bb FAnd they never turn out real.
CIt feels like my heart is made of pure steel,
DmIt's just so heavy all the time.
(little interlude here, obviously)
F CYea I'm scared of death, I'm scared of living
Dm BbI gave up on the past 'cause it was unforgiving
FI misplaced my trust,
CWatched my words begin to rust,
DmI'm a balloon about to bust
BbI need a place for reliving still -
F C DmHow long in another place in time,
Bb F C Dm Bb Picking up the pieces in the corner of my mind?
F C DmHow long, living oh so hard to find,
Bb F C Dm Bb Picking up the pieces in the corner of my mind?
Ends with "Whoa's" and "I still walk on / I wake up every morning," using the same chords and timing from the chorus. Enjoy, rate and comment if there are problems.
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