Blue October – The Feel Again Stay chords ver. 3

C#m B C#m7i see the sun go down on the river..
C#m B C#m7i feel the wind blow out of state to gray,
C#m B C#m B C#mi feel the air around you its kinda closing in, do you feel it
A B Efall or do you feel at all. i can.
C#m B C#m7i see the world keep moving as i stumble.
C#m B C#m7they seem to move much faster than me,
C#m B C#m B Eand while i sit in my 4 cornered room dividing hearts for a little girl
C#m B E well i cant be anything but who i am.
C#m B E C#m Band i wish you would stay, that was the beginning of the two of us, the
Astart of our show.
A B C#m A B Estay stay stay oh i would never have let go.
C#m B C#m7 C#m Bi see the sun go up as your image and i feel the weight of your eyes as you
C#m B C#m7 B Ei feel it all when you when you thirst when you kissed my lips
C# Byou used to make me feel at home you make me feel at home you make me feel
C#m B E A Eand thats when you useD to say will you stay and not let go now its just
C#m B Athe 2 of us to think about the stars of our show
A B C#m A B Eand u would say i wish you'd stay and i'd never go oh i will never let go!
C#mso take this heart of mine youve taken it a hundred thousnd times yeah but this
time this time im gonna take it away
C#m B C#mi see the door close down behind you
C#m B C#i watch ur face turn from glow to straight grey
C#m B C#m B E Ai see the moon go up and it shines this glory on my face who wouldve known
B Ewho wouldve known who wouldve known
C#m B E A E C#mwe would stay we should stay and never go oh no there's just 3 of us to to
B Athink about now in our show our show our show
A B C#mand i think we could stay we could stay and then we'd know that we should
A B Enever let go
C#m B E A-E C#msomethin to think about in her heart, just look into those big brown eyes
B A A B C#m and you just fall part we should stay yes we'd stay and we should know
A B E A B E A B Ethat we should never let go no no let go go oh
i wish you'd stay, wish you'd stay
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