Blue October - Angels In Everything chords version 1

Hello. This is from Blue October's new album Sway. Pretty simple and very catchy. 

This above riff is played nearly every time the C chord is played in the verses and end of the choruses. Verse:
F CI've sat at the back of the line for years,
F Wishing the world wouldn't spin,
CI give in, alone again it appears.
F CThere were pieces of me that lived in corners on a hard wood floor.
Am G CUntil an Angel walked in through my door.
F CTime stopped, the arch of her back grew wings.
F CAnd pulling me further from a devil to a heaven, she said "Believe."
F CTrue peace as she looked into my soul.
Am G She said "I'm here to show you faith, and to help you when you fall."
C AmCan you feel my heart,
GBeating underneath these stars?
FYou're the Angel that came, and took these clouds away.
C AmYou made me believe!
GNever be weak, be strong.
FLive every moment like an Angel,
Flies... C Bridge:
Am Only you can see the true me,
CThrough all the right, and wrong.
Am CTake hold, the best has yet to come.
Am CYou've given me the strength to believe in my heart again!
AmAnd now we're here to share this faith.
GStand together through it all.
The rest of the song repeats from there with some strings and power chords mixed in.
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