Blue October – Balance Beam tab

Left handed
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Blue October "Balance Beam" aka: "Fairy Tale"

The song seems simple enough.  The same 5 chords are played 
throughout the verses.  The chorus can be played several 
different ways: open chords or with power chords.  The power 
chords can be played by just letting them ring out or by muting 
them. Since the actual song has several things going on at once, 
it just depends on what you want to focus on. 

G  A6/7sus  C  Em  D

I haven't been quite the same
A6/7sus      C           Em                    D
So sure the story of my life would never change
                G            A6/7sus         C
But in a bright-eyed way, she rinsed out the soap in my eyes
            Em                           D
And wrote a song that I'm about to sing

         G             A6/7sus   C
She's a magnetic girl
       Em                D
That I hardly even know
           G                      A6/7sus   C
So this is not another love song
Just a list of things that I should know
  And everyone should know that:

  One. You got to take it kind of slowly
  Two. You got to hurry up and make your move
G                                                D   C
  Three. You got to tell her how you're feeling
 And four. You got to be the perfect gentleman.
     C                                          G
When you shake the walls, you got to make 'em bend, yeah
You got to show her that she's the balance beam
And I keep falling all around her fairy tale 
A6/7sus   C            Em         D
             her fairy tale

(The chords are the same a 1st verse above)

We took a walk in the rain.
I suggested, she confess
There's a heart nearby to cast the shame.
Stay cool, but I'm giddy like a school boy.
You got to handle with care this is not a toy.

Then gradually we touched.
And though our clothes were wet, we sat and smiled.
I never thought I'd smile so much
The first kiss always says the most



CHORDS G A6/7sus C Em De|----3----|---0---|---0---|----0----|----2----|B|----0----|---3---|---1---|----0----|----3----|G|----0----|---0---|---0---|----0----|----2----|D|----0----|---4---|---2---|----2----|----0----|A|----2----|---5---|---3---|----2----|----X----|E|----3----|---5---|---X---|----0----|----X----|
The A6/7sus or A6/7sus4 can be played differently depending on how you want it to sound or if the above option is to difficult.
e|--0--| e|--2--| e|--0--|B|--3--| B|--3--| B|--3--|G|--0--| G|--0--| G|--0--|D|--4--| D|--2--| D|--4--|A|--5--| A|--0--| A|--5--|E|--5--| or E|--X--| or E|--X--|
Personally I play it like the 3rd option above just beause its easier to slide down to the "C" without having to change my hand position. Have fun!
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