Blue Oyster Cult – Last Days In May tab

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From: Ed Tidwell 

Note: Use your baby finger alot especially with Buck Dharma's Style.

h = hammer on
p = pull off
bu9to11 = means have note bent to 11 at start of play.
bu9to11to9 = means bend 9 to 11 and release back to 9.
*** = triplet
^ = hold for ~1/4
O = Open
E7/B = E seventh chord with a B root ( bass ) note.


The Last Days in May ( Play Bar chords Bm = 7th fret etc.)

Bm              A                G              F#sus4 F#      Bm
Parched land on desert sand  the sun was just a dot.     And a little bit of

             A                    G     Bm                      D
water goes a long way 'cause it's hot.  Three good buddies were laughing and

               E                    Em          Bm                 A
smoking in the back of a rented Ford.      They couldn't know they weren't

      G        Bm      E7/B      Bm7       E7/B
going far.     (7th fret BAR for all these chords)

Bm                E                         D                   E
Each one with the money in his pocket could go out and buy himself a brand new

   Bm          D            E                   G                         Am
car.  But they all held the money they had, the money they hoped would take

              Bm       F#m        Em
them very far.

F#sus4        F#

Song is in Key of D so Blues Runs in B work great. Matter of fact B runs mixed with a little D work good together. I have good luck with B runs. Note: Buck plays smoothly fast, so get the jist of the song as tabbed and bend a few notes, hammer on a few and play it smoothly. It is not that easy to tab this song with feeling. I hope you listen and enjoy. We used to practice Bm A G F#sus4 F# Bm A G A progressions while playing the Runs, Blues licks in B and D over it just to get the feel. Intro to Last Days of May
Bm F#m Em G A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------bu10to12to10-7----------------------|------bu9to11-bu9to11to97-7----------7-7-----------------bu9to11to9--7---------|-------------------------9-9--------9-9-----------------------------9----------|----------------------------------10-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ***
Bm A G A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------bu9to11to97-7-----6h7p6-6------------------------------------------------|-----------------9-9---------9-7h9^9-------7-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------87---7------------------------------------|---------------------------------------109-------------------------------------| ***
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