Blue Oyster Cult - White Flags tab

White Flags
Music by Leggatt Bros and Blue Öyster Cult
(c)Columbia Records

Key of Dm
This is a tab for the BOC version of the song from the Club Ninja album

Intro - D, D, C

Main Riff - - - -D- - - - - - -F- - - - - - -C- - - -D- -]E-----------------------------------------------]B-----------------------------------------------]G-------0-------------0-------------------------]D--0------3-2-0----3----3-2-0---2---3-2-0---0---]A---------------1-------------3-----------3-----]E-----------------------------------------------]
verse D, F C, D(8th fret) Then at the end F(8thfret) F, C
Guitar fill (after main riff)E----------------------]B----------------------]G--2-3-0-2---0---------]D----------3---2-3-0---]A----------------------]E----------------------]
Bridge D, F(8th fret) then F D# F D# F D# D There is a guitar solo in the fadeout, but it's pretty buried in the mix. Try playing in Dm Aeolian scale
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