Blue Oyster Cult – I Love The Night chords

| G D | G D | Em | Em |

C B Em That night her kiss told me it was over
C B Em G I walked out late into the dark
A C BThe misty gloom seems to soak up my sorrow
C B The further I went on
C B I felt a spreading calm
C B EmThen suddenly my eyes were bathed in light
C B EmAnd the lovely lady in white was by my side
G A C BShe said "like me I see you’re walking alone
C B Won’t you please stay? "
C B G D G D I couldn’t look away
G D G DShe said, I... love the night
G D GThe day is ok and the sun can be fun but I live
D G D G DTo see those rays slip away
G D G DI... love the night
G D GThere’s so much I can show and give to you
G D G DIf only you had been there my dear
G D G D We could have shared this together
D G DIf you will welcome me tonight
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