Blue Oyster Cult - This Aint The Summer Of Love tab

This ain't the summer of Love - Blue Oyster CUlt.

Intro:(Mute it and Plec slides on all guitars to make it sound really cool)e----------------------------------b----------------------------------G----------------------------------D----------------------------------A----------------------------------E----5---5---5---5---5---5---5-----
Verse Riffs:
(Let an A ring before entering chorus) Chorus:
e------------b----6-------G----7-------D----7-------A----5-------E------------This aint the garden of eden...
e----------------------------------b----------------------------------G----------------------------------D---9-----------7--------5---------A---9-----------7--------5---------E---7-----------5--------3---------There aint no - Angels - Above!
e------------b----8-------G----10------D----10------A----8-------E------------And things ain't what thee used to be...
e------------b------------G----1-------D----2-------A----2------- E----0-------And this aint the summer of love! (let this chord ring. Can't really decide if its an E or an A at the 5th frett :S)
I may tab the solo when i can really be bothered... Tabbed by Matthew Jones :D *Buck Dharma wannabe*
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