Blue Oyster Cult – Dominace Submission tab

Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Album: Secret Treaties
Song Name: Dominance & Submission
Tabbed By: djjb85

*first try at tabbing*

...this is all I can gather... but I hope somebody picks up where I left off

Main Riffe|----------------------------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------------------5----|g|-----------------------------------------------4----|d|------4-4---7----4-4---9----4-4---10--4-/-6-6--3----|a|------4-4---7----4-4---9----4-4---10--4-/-6-6--4----|E|------2-2---5----2-2---7----2-2---8---2-/-4-4--x----|
Intro {Main Riff} OH YEAH!!! {Main Riff} (The Rest of BOC Comes in Here) It's been ten years, half my life Just getting ready, then it was time Warpage in the figures, radios appear Midnight was the barrier, back in 1963 {Chorus}
Each night, the covers were unfolded Each night, It's Susy's turn to ride While Charles, the one they call her brother Covers on his eyes, {Chorus End}
e|-------------------|b|-5-5-5-5-5-------3-|g|-4-4-4-4-4-------5-|d|-3-3-3-3-3-------4-|a|-4-4-4-4-4-------5-|E|-x-x-x-x-x-x-------|murmurs in the background
{Nada} It will be time... {Main Riff} OH YEAH!!! {Main Riff} Susan and her brother, Charles the grinning boy Put me in the backseat, and they took me for a ride Yeah, the radio was on, can't you dig the locomotion Kingdoms of the radio, 45 RPM Too much revolution then... {Chorus} Each night, the covers were unfolded Each night, It's Susy's turn to ride While Charles, the one they call her brother Covers on his eyes, {Chorus End} murmurs in the background {Nothing} It will be time... {Bridge with Buck doing various acrobatics inside}
It's past midnight said Charles the grinning boy-x-------------------------------------------------x-----------------------|-9-------------------------------------------------7-----------------------|-9-------------------------------------------------7-----------------------|-9-------------------------------------------------7-----------------------|-7-------------------------------------------------5-----------------------|-0-------------------------------------------------x-----------------------|
And he looked at me greedily, said it's 1964-x--------------------------------------------|-9--------------------------------------------|-9--------------------------------------------|-9--------------------------------------------|-7--------------------------------------------|-0--------------------------------------------|
{Main Riff} {DUEL GUITAR SOLO} {Bass with Guitar Feedbackin'} In times square now, the people do the polka Dominance....Submission...radios appear New Year's eve, it was the final barrier Dominance....Submission...radios appear We took you up and put you in the back seat Dominance....Submission...radios appear From year to year we looked out for the venture Dominance....Submission...radios appear {Guitar Interlude with Main Riff interlaced, could be feedback too} Dominance....Submission Dominance....Submission Dominance....Submission Dominance....Submission Dominance....Sub,mission Dominance....Sub,mission, Submission Dominance....Sub, Submission, Sub Sub Dominance....Submission, Submission Dominance....Submission, Submission, Submission Dominance....Sub, Submission, Submission Dominance....Submission, Submission, Submission Dominance....Sub, Submission, Sub, Sub, Submission Dominance....Submission, Submission Dominance....SUBMISSION!!!! {Chorus} {Extended Chorus End} {Main Riff & GUITAR SOLO 2} {Chorus} {Chorus End} {Let the Synth & Feedback End the Song Out} hopes are that someone more experienced than I will tab the song more completely than I did ...please
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