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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 96 14:56:16 EDT
From: Drake Hirasawa 
Subject: CRD: Cynthia by Blue Rodeo

Cynthia - Blue Rodeo
Words and Music by: Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy
>From the CD: Five Days in July
Original transcription by: (Richard Tarkka)
Modified by: (Drake Hirasawa)

Changes to original transcription include adding lyrics for 2nd and
3rd verses, and chord changes in the chorus.
Also note:  Chords have been changed to show a key of C, for use when
playing with a capo on the 2nd fret, which is how I believe the song is
played on the recording.

Key:  D  (capo in 2nd fret.  Chords shown for key of C).

C (with alternating bass)

Em              F           C
So you saw that fire in the sky
Em                     C
Well I think that's so cool
Em              F          C
And I know that nothing'll change you
        F        G
You are nobody's fool

C     G           C       F
Cynthia won't you take me to
C                 G
Pyramid Lake with you
         F              C                    F            C
We could watch the spaceships, maybe they'll take us on a trip
F                    Dm   F        G                C
To that never ending sky,  to that wild and endless night.

And you stood in their beam of light
And they showed you the bones on the moon
Well I hope I get to go there
With you real soon


And we get there before the sun sets
And we put up your tent
Watch the stars dance all night
And watch the sun come up (watch that sun coming up)

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