Blue Rodeo – Is It You tab

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From: Safrance  John 
Subject: TAB for Blue Rodeo's 'Is It You'

	Ok, Ok...this probably isn't a hundred percent but it seems to
sound pretty decent.  I only tabbed the middle break cause well...I
didn't feel like doing the rest.  Anyhow bear in mind that this is my
first attempt at tab/crd'ing.  I put * beside a couple of C chords and
this note looks like | | | | 1 | You can still play regular C but * adds
some colour          | | 2 | | |
                     | 3 | | | 4

Here Goes:

Is it you

I wonder
    F                  C
and still it makes me laugh

is it you

that I'm looking for
don't turn away so fast
and while you were talking
     F              C
wide-eyed I fell asleep
         G            F
hoping tomorrow would be
as sweet
Is it you

who whispered
  F          C
into my hazy soul

is it you

who makes the flowers bloom
       C*         C   G
on the tenement windowsill
in a hotel room

a TV glows
    F           C
and songs are exchanged
          G           F              C
drunkenly chasing the ghost of eternity

G There's a drunk on the sidewalk F C trying to look unconcerned G and the dead eyed motel blondes F G wait in line for their turn C Is it you who laughs F C when all the other dogs snarl is it you G just because you listened for a while C and with this buzz of electricity F C still ringing in my ears G I wonder F C is it you G I wonder F C is it you Well that's it. You can fill in the rest. By the way, I didn't do any timing tabbing so listen to the song to get it may want to forget it all together since it is played on one of those table guitars...whatever they're called. I'll be working on some more so email me at if you have any requests. Ps Happy studying!
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