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From: (Drake Hirasawa)

The first is "Til I Can Gain Control Again" which was written
by Rodney Crowell but which was recorded by Blue Rodeo.  A
versionof it was recently added to the archive, but this version is
a little more complete, with some minor corrections.

[oringal version From: (Richard Tarkka) - rcwoods]

Til I can Gain Control Again

By Rodney Crowell
As Performed By Blue Rodeo


| E  Esus4 | (repeat 4 times)

E             B7            E
Just like the sun over the mountain tops
A                         E
You know I9ll always come again
A                          E
You know I love to spend my mornings
B7                         E
Like sunlight dancing on your skin

Verse 2:

I've never gone so wrong as for telling lies to you
What you see is what I am
There is nothing I could hide from you
You see me better than I can

A                          E           E7
Out on the road that lies before me now
A                                E    E7
There are some turns where I will spin
A                         E
I only hope that you can hold me now
B7                     E
Til I can gain control again

(Instrumental Verse)
Third Verse:

And like a lighthouse, you must stand alone
Landmark a safe journey's end
No matter what sea I've been sailing on
I'll always come back home again.

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