Blue Rodeo - Mystic River tab

Blue Rodeo
Mystic River
Chords and tablature by Kalvin Clauer

Verses (I like to use alternating bass notes as I strum the chords
	especially on the Am --A and low E notes back and forth)
G                             Am
I can't believe it's true I finally got you here
G                             Am
I've been waiting for this moment for some years
         Bm          C
I've been torn down enough to know
         Bm          C
Everyone goes through this door
Cmin7             A(maj)
Just before their lives explode
C                 D
Come in here with a heavy load

Verse two played as above:

Walking down the road watching the day begin
Radio song is playing off in a distant wind
But you can feel it it's a gentle love
Coming out soft from the windows above
Just when you have had enough
Here comes the world you've been dreaming of


Chorus Sequence:
every time you walk them down as so:

G walk down to Em7--3----3-X---3----3-X---3----3-X----3----3-X----|--3----3-X---3----3-X---3----3-X----3----3-X----|--0----0-X---0----0-X---0----0-X----0----0-X----|------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------2--------|----3----------2-----------0-----------0--------|
C down to A7sus4 D---3----3-X---3----3-X---3----3-X------3----X---3---|---3----3-X---3----3-X---3----3-X------3----X---3---|---0----0-X---0----0-X---0----0-X------2----X---2---|---0----0-X---0----0-X---0----0-X--2--2-----X---2---|----------------------------2------0----------------|------3----------2----------0-----------------------|
Chorus Part 1: (First time through played alone) G Em7 Oh my my the Mystic River C She takes your heart A7sus4 D And you will forgive her G Em7 Lay me down beside the water C A7sus4 D I look across at the sons and daughters Chorus Part 2: (Not on first time through) The lyrics change to: 'I miss my sons I miss my daughter now' and play the chorus sequence on the lyric 'now': G walk down Em7 C A7sus4 Dsus4 Now Oooh now... Note: the remaining chords are all played with the top two strings fretted at the 3rd fret Ohhhh Oooooooh C9 Dsus4 Em7 A7sus4 C9 F C G G Verse (as above) Sun comes up each day to chase away the moon Even the stars at night they fade away too soon You can't do much about the trouble life brings Cut all the lines so the phones don?t ring But stay here once from spring to spring Watching the ice melt the mornings sing Chorus (both parts) Verse (same as first verse) There's a tree that grows out in the burning sands Never a drop of rain that nobody understands You can push me I don't mind Leave me out here and I'll be fine Cause everyone's gonna have their time Up or down honey you decide Chorus (both parts), and: The last chorus ends slightly different. in place of two bars of G at end, do one bar and then the C F C phrase a few times to end the song. Tabbed by Kalvin Clauer
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