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> Love and Understanding - Blue Rodeo
> ----------------------
> Words and Music by: Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy
> >From the CD: Diamond Mine
> Lyrics copied from Blue Rodeo website:
> Transcribed by: (Drake Hirasawa)
> Key: E
> Intro:
> Esus4 E   Esus4 E
> E B E A  E B E A E
> Verse:
> A                             E
> I live on this rock where the grass don't grow
> A                    E
> Talk is cheap well I ought to know
> A                         E
> And I'm not proud of this world we've made
> A
> Still it's a part of you and me
>                                 E
> And we're the only ones who can make it change
> Chorus:
>           E             B
> Many have tried in many ways
>               E                             A
> All I see are longer rows of crosses on the soldiers' graves
>                E                              B
> So do what you have to and when it's all been said
> E             E/G#                          A
> Love and understanding are the best answers I've heard yet
> E  A                E
>    I've heard yet
> Tell me what's the price of our achievements
> What's the cost of our pride
> When our obvious brutality
> Is lost before our eyes
> So we choke down the pills
> So you don't have to bother
> Trading one hypnotic state for another
> (Chorus)
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