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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 09:48:52 -0700
From: Jon Elofson 
Subject: CRD: moon_and_tree.crd by Blue Rodeo,

Moon & Tree
Blue Rodeo  (Tremolo)
Keeler and Cuddy
Transcribed by Jon Elofson (

Intro: D G D G

Verse 1
          D                G                       D        G
Well I've been out walking talking to the moon and tree
        D                      G                    A
And the tall spring grass like waves on a dark green sea
D                  G
So much of what we are
D              G
We will always be
    D                    A            D
And I don't mind getting lost in your dream.

A               Bm
Your eyes are a mirror
     G              D
Your grace fills my soul
     A            Bm
Your heart like a river
     G            D A G
Your tears are my own
      G     D
They are my own

Verse 2:
Well I feel like I am walking on hot coals
And don't mind getting burned but I feel for this soul
You fell into my life, the way a star falls from the sky
Now I'm forever lost in your eyes

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